5 reasons to live in Singapore

Singapore is considered as an economic giant. Despite its small physical area, it is the most modern city located in Southeast Asia. The city is home to Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indians as well as English cultures and religions. As a result of this unique ethnicity, Singapore is able to offer a wide variety of not just cultural but culinary opportunities. Progress of Singapore over the last three decades has been exceptional. It has become a prospering country that has been able to excel in trade and tourism.

Being a trade and technological hub, Singapore is more than just a stopover for travelers. Such as The Florence Residences Showflat is a place that has a high standard of living, low crime rate, efficient transport, and remarkable opportunities. If you are thinking of making a move to Asia, here are 5 reasons you should consider to live in Singapore.

  1. Phenomenal business opportunities like 

Singapore has an incredible business environment. Whether you want to run your own business or want to do a job with an existing business, you will surely prosper. Singapore has a small population of only about 5 million people that makes them hungry to obtain foreign talent which results in high acceptance rates with regards to work permits and high salary.

  1. A modest tax rate

Usually, tax systems are highly complex and very difficult to understand. This is definitely not the case when talking about Singapore as it has a drastically straightforward tax system. The tax rate is extremely modest when compared to other countries around the globe. to be specific the tax rate ranges from 0-20% and depends solely on your level of income.


  1. Low crime rate

Singapore was ranked at 8th position in the world for crime rates in the year 2015. It is a safe country because of the low crime rate and a zero-tolerance policy with regards to drug usage. Moreover, it has uncompromising punishments for bribery and other offenses.

  1. Remarkable education system

The government of Singapore invests as much as 20 percent directly into the field of education. The schools are affordable and provide high-quality education to the masses. When it comes to higher education, the National University of Singapore is ranked at number 12 around the world. The average cost of graduate programs is about $22,000 annually. Moreover, the government in most cases can reduce the cost up to 50 percent not just for domestic students but also for international students.

  1. Good quality healthcare

Singapore has to offer a very good quality healthcare system. It is affordable for people with and without health insurance. There is a large amount of public as well as private hospitals throughout the region. Public healthcare in Singapore is quite efficient when compared to others worldwide. The private facilities are a little expensive but are equally efficient.

With a large amount of growing population, Asia is moving towards a leadership role in the worldwide economy. With its simple and secure standards of living, living in Singapore should definitely be considered if you want the best access to the rest of Asia.