December 24, 2004

Will Technology Save Us All?

As part of my Movable Type upgrade, I enabled TypeKey authentication as a requirement to post comments. For the uninitiated, TypeKey is a free authentication system from Six Apart, the nice people who develop and sell Movable Type. From now on, in order to post comments here, people will need to register with TypeKey and sign in.

Is it a pain in the ass? Definitely.

Unfortunately, it's become a necessity. Like many other MT-based web logs, I've already suffered one crippling comment spam attack that brought down a hosting server at Liquid Web. There's a lot of that going around. I would imagine that, if it were to happen again, Liquid Web would require me to buy a more expensice hosting package or possibly terminate my hosting altogether.

So I beg your indulgence. I still welcome your comments, provided they're not offers to sell anyone porn, prescription drugs or online poker.

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December 22, 2004

Strange People You Encounter In Airports

In much the same way that dinner in Tijuana can often acquaint you with new species of Kingdom Protista, a day of air travel has a tendency to introduce you to new subsets of the human race. Today, for instance, I encountered an example of People Who Adopt Other People They Don't Know In Airports. In this case the adoptee was an elderly lady whose family had either decided to gamble on the collective good will of humanity to get her safely to Newport News, Virginia or just didn't give a rat's ass where she wound up, one or the other. Assuming the role of adoptive caretaker was a woman with a midwestern accent and presumably some number of frighteningly over-parented children who have fled her nest for saner ground. The Good Samaritan had delivered her self-imposed charge to Terminal F of the Philadelphia International Airport at considerable personal inconvenience considering that her connection was out of Terminal B. We know this about her from the way she was storming about, quizzing other passengers as to their final destination and constantly grumbling, "I've got to get back over to Terminal B for my flight." Having finally identified one young man as a Newport News passenger, she demands that he take custody of the lady and ensure that she find her way to the family that obviously cares so much for her.

"Lady," the poor kid asks, "isn't that the airline's job?"

You see, the airline employees were the only people she wasn't attempting to engage. Because it takes a village, you know.

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December 21, 2004

Back Again...

Hey, all. I was knocked off-line for a few days, not that I'd been posting anything for the couple of weeks before that.

Seems that some comment spammer decided to take exception to the fact that MT-Blacklist was not letting him spam up the place. He was slamming the blog with a spam comment every 2-3 seconds, which eventually crashed the web server. From this tragedy of poor net citizenship, to two happy events have emerged:

1) I've upgraded to MovableType 3.1, which handles such inconveniences far more gracefully; and

2) The nice folks at LiquidWeb, who host this fabulous little corner of the web, have reconfigured their firewall to block all traffic from the jackass hosting company who owns the top level domain from which this shit-storm originated until such time as they clean up their act.

So, at any rate, I wanted to take a quick moment to wish everyone happy holidays and a prosperous new year. Except for that spammer guy/gal. S/he can bite the big one and die.

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December 09, 2004

RIP Dime...

I had a lot of good times listening to Pantera. I saw them in concert several times.

Dime, I'm gonna miss you, brother.

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