Dan's View On The World http://www.misterbg.org/blog/ Portsmouth, NH's most en-us 2005-07-20T14:26:56-05:00 Cyber Crime Watch Update http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000193.html He is not Emmitt Smith According to CNN.com, hackers have broken into the University of Southern California's admissions database, exposing "dozens" of admissions records from a database of around 270,000 past applicants. The university has cautioned people to beware... News Flash Dan 2005-07-20T14:26:56-05:00 Who Am I? Why Am I Here? http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000192.html CNN is reporting that James Stockdale -- the retired Vice Admiral, former POW and 1992 running mate of fruity Texas billionaire H. Ross Perot -- passed away yesterday. I'll always remember Stockdale as an average guy who was thrust into... News Flash Dan 2005-07-06T11:07:01-05:00 When Vanity Plates Go Wrong http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000191.html So I'm driving out Route 4 this morning and I notice the vanity plate on the pickup truck in the other lane. Vanity plates are so common in New Hampshire that they often don't even catch my attention, but... House Of The Bizarre Dan 2005-07-04T14:33:02-05:00 More Cowbell: Good or Bad? http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000190.html Media Arts & Sciences Dan 2005-06-07T14:47:34-05:00 At Least Hollywood Hasn't Made A Movie Out Of It http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000189.html I was positively shocked to surf over to CNN.com this evening and see this story about Tweetsie Railroad. I couldn't have been any more than 5 years old when my parents took me and my little brother there. I... Media Arts & Sciences Dan 2005-05-27T22:09:14-05:00 May the Skin Grafts Be With You http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000188.html There's dumb. There's really dumb. Then there are these two super-genius Star Wars fans from London. I though geeks were supposed to be smart.... House Of The Bizarre Dan 2005-05-26T15:45:24-05:00 Don't Be Cruel http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000187.html Mr. Houston is in trouble again Am I the only person who saw this story:Members of Bobby Brown's entourage stabbed during fightand thought to myself, "Bobby Brown still has an entourage?" I mean, seriously, don't these guys have anything... Media Arts & Sciences Dan 2005-05-23T10:41:59-05:00 Today's Bizarre Comment... http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000186.html ... is brought to you by the People's Democratic Republic of China. Home to one "Creford," who is apparently the world's only big fan of Garfield: The Movie and whose blog features a blow-by-blow Engrish rendition of his daily life.... About This Old Blog Dan 2005-04-08T09:51:37-05:00 Bush Nominates Bob Jones III To Head Catholic Church http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000185.html Washington D.C. - Responding to reports of the imminent death of Pope John Paul II, U.S. President George W. Bush announced his nomination of Bob Jones University president Bob Jones, III to succeed the ailing pontiff. While questions are being... Fake News Is Good News Dan 2005-04-01T15:36:06-05:00 Blowfish Burgers, Anyone? http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000184.html I couldn't Photoshop anythingthis strange if I tried OK, I'll say it. This new Burger King commercial with Hootie (aka Darius Rucker) is the saddest thing I've ever seen on TV. You keep expecting it to be some kind... Media Arts & Sciences Dan 2005-03-25T19:19:46-05:00 So This Is Atlantic City. Yuck. http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000183.html Our company is having a sales meeting in Atlantic City today and tomorrow. I drove down yesterday with a couple of coworkers and I've spent much of the past 16 hours exploring the area around Bally's, where we're staying. As... House Of The Bizarre Dan 2005-03-21T12:24:37-05:00 Fair readers, I bring http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000182.html Fair readers, I bring news. I know that many of you may find what you're about to read disquieting. Some will be angered. Others will be saddened. Some of the more melodramatic among you, heaven forbid, may even be... Public Service Announcement Dan 2005-03-06T19:28:22-05:00 OK, maybe I lied a http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000181.html OK, maybe I lied a little bit. Guess my new piece isn't going up until early next week. Right now I'm enjoying a long weekend respite from the horrid New England winter in -- where else? -- Las Vegas. Best... Dan 2005-02-24T21:41:30-05:00 This Is Just Dumb http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000180.html Public Service Announcement: If you're in the middle of breaking up with your psychotic girlfriend, do not agree to let her tie you up before having sex with her. This guy found out the hard way.... Public Service Announcement Dan 2005-02-23T14:03:01-05:00 Props To MacInTouch http://www.misterbg.org/blog/000179.html I noticed an enormous spike in my bandwidth usage this morning. It looks as though the Apple Product Cycle piece got picked up by MacInTouch today. I've been a regular reader of Ric's for years, so now I feel like... Media Arts & Sciences Dan 2005-02-22T15:22:14-05:00