Can ground turkey really give you more health benefits than beef?

Compromise on health should not be an option for anyone, young or old, but it is often compromise on taste that people are not willing to make. Whether it is spaghetti you like or meatballs, beef is almost always the choice of meat. However, when it comes to cholesterol levels and heart health, you need to reconsider your beef intake. It is often argued that turkey is a much healthier meat option. So, is turkey actually healthier than beef or not?

Ground turkey vs ground beef:

Amount of Saturated fat

Consuming lean protein ensures a good protein intake without taking in too many calories. Ground turkey does not contain as much saturated fat as ground beef. You can save yourself from nearly 4% of fat if you have a turkey burger instead of a beef burger. This difference in fat intake can save you from a great deal of extra weight in the long run and keep your heart much healthier. Just remember to remove the skin before you cook, otherwise a turkey breast will be brought from 1 to 7 grams of fat and the wing from 3 to 11 grams of fat.

If you are at a risk of heart diseases, turkey is the best for you. Lean cut of the turkey will give you a considerably fat-free piece of meat that will be good for your health.

Amount of Sodium

In terms of sodium intake, turkey is more beneficial for your health than beef. Up to 2300 mg of sodium intake in a day is best for health and at most, 90 mg of sodium can be obtained from 3.5 ounce broiled turkey. Beef, on the other hand, provides a maximum 75 mg per 3.5 ounce. Turkey is thus better for health in this respect.

Amount of Selenium

Selenium is good as an antioxidant and thus plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the immune system. Ground turkey has more of this nutrient (27.5 mcg in a 100 mg of turkey patties) than beef does (18 mcg).

To sum it up, turkey does indeed give more health benefits than ground beef in terms of fat, sodium and selenium content. Replacing beef with turkey in your regular diet will save you not only from heart problems and obesity, but also ensure a healthy immune system. Substituting beef with turkey in your diet will thus be a good decision.