How To Floss your Teeth Correctly

How To Floss your Teeth Correctly

The human body is very complicated as we work through the inside of our tissues and muscles, and it works by using the energy it gets from the food we eat. It will properly function only if it is in good health, and of course, to be healthy, you need really to care for your cleanliness.

Oral hygiene is a part of it also. You must keep your teeth clean otherwise you will get a cavity deep inside there and believe me those little black cavities’ pain is so much unbearable that Ogden Nash has also said that: Some tortures are physical, and some are mental, But the ones that are both is dental. To keep your teeth clean, there are only three steps you have to follow that are:

  • Floss your teeth
  • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day
  • Mouth wash

Now all of us know how to brush our teeth because we are practicing it since we were kids, but floss is something we can discuss.

Flossing teeth correctly 

Floss is of different types depending upon you or your family’s choice or sometimes doctor’s recommendation, too, like waxed, unwaxed, spongy floss, dental tape, etc. What matters the most is the technique of flossing. So the steps are mentioned below:

  • Firstly cut a 14inches (48cm) floss, it can be more or less depending upon your use. You need a long strand to do that; it is easy to grip.
  • Then gently wrap the floss around your middle finger, making loose winds first one hand then the other, leave a space of 3inches or more between your hands. This is the part of floss which you are going to work on while flossing your teeth.

NOTE: Do not wrap the floss so tightly around your middle finger that you end up hurting yourself with cuts or blocking the blood flow. Be gentle

  • Then begin flossing your teeth. Start from the upper top two teeth and then either move towards the right or to the left, that does not matter, but its better if you will do the upper one all at one time and then move towards the down ones. The middle of your teeth needs to be cleaned very gently. Using a floss, clean the middle of the teeth in slow-motion back and forth.
  • Make a” C” while flossing, also don’t forget to clean the back of your teeth because it also needs to be cleaned. Try cleaning in a clockwise manner too.

NOTE: The debris or food particles at the back of the teeth should be cleaned, but be careful not to go too low, hurting your gums.

  • Make sure you have to use a new part of the floss for separate teeth.
  • After flossing your teeth, brush your teeth and use a mouth wash of your own choice.

According to the American dental association flossing your teeth is necessary. They don’t stress upon either before brushing or after brushing, but once a day is enough to maintain good oral health.

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