How to make ewok dog costume

Ewok is basically a spice used in a star war universe whose costume is like a small teddy bear. He walks in some different way and exactly straight. It is one of my favorite character in a star war universe. From there the ewok costume got famous all over the world. This costume also got famous in a dogs as their dress especially on a Halloween. Making this costume is very easy. Anyone can made it at home by its own. There is no need of any special fabric or techniques. The costume actually enhance the beauty of any character. While for dogs ewok is the best thing to wear. This dress also got popular in humans other. Humans use ewok dresses to entertain people. It is also being used by humans in the filming of different movies and plays to entertain others. Here I am going to tell you that how we can easily made a Ewok costume for dogs at home.


  1. Cloth(Fabric)
  2. Twine & Needle
  3. Scissor
  4. Stud
  5. Fabric Tape

Selection of fabric and its measurement

While selection of the fabric first of all prefer a non-sticky fabric. Always prefer a silky shiny and soft piece of a fabric. The size of the fabric you are going to take is the dog size dependent. Must keep in mind that a fabric do not irritates the dog. After selecting the type of a fabric, now we come to the measurement portion. First of all wrap down the fabric around the dog’s head, always keep in mind that you have to take the back side of costume must be taken short as compared to the front side of the costume.

Cutting of a fabric

The length and the width of the fabric depends upon the health of a dog. As much the dog is big as much the fabric is needed. Cut a piece of a fabric in rectangular shape. As in a movie the costume is really very rough and there are a little holes in it. So cut a piece roughly. Take the cloth and made two holes in it for the ears of the dog. First take out one hole in a fabric and take out the measurement about where the second ear comes and make out a hole there. This technique works accurately instead of making both holes at once. Cut the cloth and made the strip.

Stitching process

Now wrap the whole fabric around the dog’s face keeping in mind that a face looks completely out of a fabric. Use the fabric tape to tie the fabric on the face instead of stitching it there, because stitching may hurt the dog. After this, take off the costume for the stitching process. Never stitch a cloth while wearing it. Put the stud where you have applied a Fabric tape and stitch it there. After sewing a stud put the strip on the top to wear a cloth.

The ewok costume for your dog is ready.