Nutritional information to know pre op diet for lap band

The pre-op diet boosts the nutritional status, optimize surgery outcome and promote weight loss in a long run. The patients must adopt some modifications in the diet that reduce the carbohydrate and fats accumulations in the liver. The daily calorie consumption should be 850-1000 calorie that helps to reduce the overall size of the liver and risk of complications during the surgical process. The pre-op diet for lap band also aids you to switch the liquid diet after the surgery. Here, we will talk about the nutritional information about the pre-op diet. Let’s dig into it!

Pre-op Diet

There are two preoperative dietary choices and weight loss plans advised by the surgeon for the surgical procedure. The nutritional status is the primary concern of the bariatric surgeons before the surgery. Some surgeons require only ten percent pre-surgery weight loss to place the band while others require that their patients should not gain too much weight for the preoperative screening procedure. Surgeons consider the existing weight as the standard value. The safety of the patient is also vital for surgical treatment. These pre-op diet choices help the concerns of the bariatric surgeons. These are very effectual choices when it comes to producing positive outcomes.

Food to Avoid:

These pre-op diet choices don’t allow the patients to take certain foods that result in withdrawal symptoms like headaches and fatigue. But these uncomfortable symptoms are not permanent. The foods to avoid for the pre-op diet for lap band are desserts and bread that decrease the physical food dependency when you cut these foods from your daily diet. It produces positive results on the human body such as it optimizes the level of energy, improve the overall health of the patient and help to shrink the size of the liver that is most important for this surgery. There are some foods that should be excluded from your diet for the positive outcomes of this surgery such as high-carbohydrate snack food, carbonated drinks, processed food, fast food, energy drinks, high-carbohydrate food, dairy products, unhealthy fats, alcohol, and saucy foods.

How to Initiate New Eating Habits

This could be tough for those who are addicted to high carbohydrate food and snacks. Here we are going to share some tips that will help to initiate new eating habits for pre-op diet.

  • Eat big meals three times a day and include more proteins
  • Plan your diet with healthy choices
  • Prefer non-starchy vegetables and include them with 2 meals per day
  • Don’t take starchy vegetables in your daily diet
  • Include unlimited fruit
  • Take only 20-30 grams of carbohydrate in a day
  • Include handful nuts per day
  • Drink sixty-four ounces of water in one day
  • Say no to alcohol
  • You can also take a calcium supplement, mineral, and multivitamins
  • Keep a record of all your daily consumption of foods and drinks
  • Do physical activity including walk and exercise for 10 to 30 minutes daily.


Hope you enjoy the incredible journey! However, this is not a medical advice but these tips will hugely help you with pre-op diet for lap band.