The Gift of Surrogacy & its benefits

The miracle of childbirth is more astonishingly beautiful than anything in the entire world. Be an atheist or have a strong faith in God but parenthood does make you believe in miracles. However, as unfair as life is, childbirth is not granted to everyone due to a few physical inconveniences in either of the two parents. Earlier in the days, people used to re-marry or even adopt from foster homes. But today, the technology of science has transgressed our abilities to such a level that people can obtain their infants through surrogacy.

About surrogacy?

The beauty of surrogacy allows another woman (known as a surrogate) willingly carry the child of two parents in her womb till the time of childbirth. After the baby is born, it is given to his/her real parents. This occurs mostly in the case if the mother is unable to conceive or is in such of a weal physical health that she is unable to carry her baby for nine months.

Types of Surrogacy

There are basically, two types of surrogacy techniques;

  • Traditional Surrogacy: this type of surrogacy technique is less expensive however, it is also the less common one. Since the surrogate mother is impregnated by the semen of the father, the surrogate mother uses her own eggs to give birth to the baby. In simple words, the complete pregnancy from conceiving until the birth of the child, the surrogate mother, and the father contributes instead of the actual mother. Since the genetic parents of the child in will remain the father and the surrogate mother and not the actual mother, this technique is mostly frowned upon.
  • Gestational Surrogacy: this type of surrogacy technique is more expensive because it includes more technicalities. This includes the IVF method in which the fertilization of the mother is done in an in-vitro condition by the father’s sperm. This is then injected in the surrogate mother to plant in her womb. The genetic parents remain those who contributed their eggs and sperm while the surrogate mother carries the baby.

Surrogacy is equally beautiful than having to carry your own baby and it forbids you to lose hope, ever. If you have been looking for such a technique then you must be at luck because a few countries offer the best surrogacy such as surrogacy in Ukraine which offers counseling and parental guidance throughout the process so you do not feel alone.