Tips to keep your eyes healthy

Following mentioned are the key tips for you to follow to maintain the health of your eyes:

– eat well

The first and the most important thing which you are needed to take care of the better health conditions of your eyes is your diet plan. You need to eat good and healthy food. Your plate should be filled from nutrients like there should be omega 3, fatty acids, vitamin C, Lutein zinc and vitamin E which are helpful in warding off the vision problems that more typically are related to age and other problems too which are cataracts and macular degeneration. You need the following kinds of foods to fill in your plate with:

–    Tuna, salmon, and oily fish


–    Spinach, collards, kale and green vegetables like that


–    Beans, nuts, eggs and nonmeat protean based foods


–    Citrus fruits and juices like orange


–    Pork and oyster

When you eat a completely balanced diet, it lets you be in your healthy weights and this is helpful in reducing the odds of the obesity in your body and the diseases like type 2 diabetes which is highly linked to being heavy weighted. This also can create blindness in adults.

–    Leave smoking

Smoking is injurious to health and it is not just a myth, its reality. Smoking damages the optic nerves and it makes the person get cataracts and the person could have macular degeneration. There could be many other medical problems and the key of them is eyesight issues so you need to quit smoking right now to make your eyes healthy and fit. Most of the times you can just simply quit smoking without consulting to the doctor but sometimes you need to take help from your doctor.

–    Wear eyeglasses online

You need to wear glasses; you can get them from Specs Fair Canada to give the best protection to your eyes. You need a perfect pair of shades for you to protect your eyes from the harmful and dangerous sun rays. When you get too much exposure to the sun, there are high chances that your eyes can get cataracts and you also have to face macular degeneration in that case. Be careful while selecting your pair of glasses from Specs Fair Canada.

  • Eye protections

For the people who are exposed to hazardous materials at their home or at their jobs are required to wear safety wear glasses which are protective for your eyes. For the sportsmen playing lacrosse, racquetball, and ice hockey can cause eye injury to them. Using eye protection like helmets or protective masks and goggles for sports will be helpful for you in keeping your eyes safe.

– Less exposure to computer screens

Eyes can also get damaged if they are exposed to the phone or the computer screen for a relatively long span.

Following mentioned are the issues which one could have to face after having his eyes exposed too much to the computer screen:

–    blurry vision

–    dry eyes

–    eyestrain

–    trouble in focusing

–    headaches

–    shoulder pain, neck and back pain