What is Induced Vomiting, Need & Benefits

Vomiting is a forceful expulsion of content from one’s stomach through mouth and nose. Vomiting can occur due to gastritis or If you have swallowed something poisonous. On the other hand, induce vomiting is different from vomiting.

Induced vomiting:

Self-induced vomiting is induced when a person has swallowed something poisonous and harmful to their health. Parents especially were instructed to keep a bottle of Ipecac syrup which was a thick syrup that automatically induce vomit.

The right time to induce vomit:

Our body is naturally designed to remove toxic chemicals out of our body. But If someone have taken poison or chemical you need to immediately call a doctor or professional to handle the matter. Vomiting alone can’t expel out all the poison or toxic inside your body. It need proper treatment and treating alone on your own can sometimes make things worse. You should only induce vomiting If a doctor or other medical professional have instructed you to do so. They will also teach you how to do it more safely.

If your friend, child or any loved one have taken poison the first thing you need to do is call the poison control center or immediately call your doctor’s office. Ask them what you need to do right now and take him the patient if the hospital is near. Or you can learn how to make yourself throw up and go for induced vomiting. The things they will ask you before telling you the method will be the patient’s

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • The time they swallowed poison
  • Quantity of poison swallowed
  • Any signs or symptoms you can visibly see in the patient’s condition

First of all, you need to hold up your senses and just don’t panic about it. Definitely, these things can make anyone panic. But If you lose your senses it will make things worse. You need to remain in your senses to call the doctor or poison department. Because you can only answer these important questions If you are in all your senses. These questions are very important for a health officer to know so that they can let you know how you have to deal in this crucial time.

Methods do change for everyone. Like for children the treatment would be different than for the adults. Also for those who have taken less amount of poison the treatment will be different than those who have taken a large amount of poison. Signs and symptoms also affect it.

Disadvantages of induced poisoning:

Long times ago, induce vomiting was considered a good method for doctors but after a lot of study about it. And seeing what outcomes one may face it was less likely recommend. When you induce vomit the more likely damage you may face is

  • Damage to tissues of throat and mouth
  • Damage caused by a mix of stomach acid and poison ingested
  • Chemical burn as the poison moves upward
  • One may face severe dehydration
  • Inhalation of vomit into lungs

They were the problems seen due to induce vomit. The advice to give does not go for vomit induction at the beginning instead call the doctor’s help as soon as possible.

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